Grants Management

We help ensure grants programs are managed rigorously and responsibly.


For the 26 U.S. government organizations that administer over 1,000 grant programs every year, LMI is an invaluable guide. We offer insights that help ensure that grants are managed properly and that tax-payer dollars are spent in accordance with both regulations and expectations.

LMI works in all areas of government grants—from researching and developing policies and procedures to supporting training for the people who put those policies in action. For example, we worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) grants professionals to develop their Grants Policy Statement and their Awarding Agency Grants Policy Administration Manual. We also helped to update HHS’s grants policy directives for a grants program worth more than $400 billion. For the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, LMI developed workload models for grants management specialists, project officers, and program officials that EPA can now use to project resource requirements for new programs and to reallocate grants workload among offices and individuals.

LMI’s grants management capabilities include the following:

  • Policy research and development
  • Grant process reviews for efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance
  • Training and organizational planning
  • Pre-award review processes
  • Post-award monitoring
  • Audits.

Acquisition & Financial Management Highlights

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