Infrastructure and Engineering Management

We help our clients get a handle on all aspects of their infrastructure and engineering
management challenges.

LMI’s infrastructure and engineering management capabilities hold relevance for nearly every organization in government. Government agencies and ministries needing help solving policy and management problems related to public works, facilities, government installations, housing, hospitals or construction turn to LMI for our blend of in-depth engineering knowledge and management consulting expertise.

We can research difficult questions when an organization’s full-time staff is too engaged to be able to step back and sort through an issue of particular complexity. Or we can supplement current staff by providing skills and knowledge that are too specialized to acquire through full-time, long-term positions. Whether our clients need a one-off study, or need day-to-day on-site support, LMI is ready to help.

LMI’s capabilities are unique because we understand all sides of the issues that infrastructure management leadership face. Our staff includes professional engineers, operations researchers, financial analysts, policy analysts, and economists. More than two-thirds hold advanced degrees, in disciplines that range from engineering, operations research, and economics to business and public administration. We are technically competent and can help advise you on smart ways to get your job done.

And because LMI is a not-for-profit organization, we have no conflict of interest in our advice. Our mindset is aligned to your mindset.

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Infrastructure Management Highlights

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