Supply Chain Management

LMI’s supply chain management experts take a comprehensive, end-to-end look at logistics functions and their component parts to ensure they run optimally.


Whether our clients need an overall alignment of their supply chain with industry best practices or a “deep dive” into an underperforming element, LMI has the people, the tools, and the unique methods to assess performance and devise strategies for delivering tangible improvements.

Improving both the sum and its parts

Our capabilities run the gamut. For example, we provided an end-to-end assessment of Amtrak’s supply chain, looking at the organization’s procurement processes, finance practices, material management, and maintenance against railway best-practice benchmarks. The recommendations we proposed have improved Amtrak’s inventory management decision-making and the day-to-day operational effectiveness of its procurement organization.

For clients with more targeted needs, we have made significant investments in mathematical tools to “lean out” inventory and reduce the need for spare parts on hand while simultaneously improving customer service. Our proprietary methodology called I­PASS® allows us to conduct quick assessments of a client’s supply chain to seize opportunities for rapid returns.

LMI’s supply chain management capabilities include the following:

  • End-to-end analysis of a supply chain
  • Supply chain information systems assessment and implementation support
  • Performance assessment and benchmarking
  • Supply chain training/education
  • Mathematical modeling and simulation for inventory management.

Logistics Highlights

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