Organizational and Human Capital Solutions

We make sure all the elements that make for a high-functioning organization align.

Administrations change, the political climate changes, and regulations change, but at least one thing remains constant in the government: the need to fulfill complex organizational missions with limited resources. LMI understands that in today’s constrained government environment, successful performance depends on making the most of your resources. And that starts with making sure your workforce and internal processes properly align in support of your organizational objectives.

At LMI, we work with government organizations to integrate their strategy, people, and processes to create organizational alignment. Our OAR (Organizational Alignment and Readiness) Model provides both direction and propulsion: first helping government organizations create long-term outlooks that transcend politics and then helping execute the resource strategies that keep organizations moving toward their missions.

LMI’s work supports the development, implementation, and management of strategic organizational and human capital plans; talent planning and analysis; performance and service delivery improvements; and other disciplines that affect your ability to achieve success. Whether you need the whole OAR model or just a component of it, OAR’s integrated nature accounts for the risks, impacts, and communication and workflow needs that individual changes create for the whole organization.

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