LMI Wins $12 Million OSD Supply Chain Contract

McLean, Va., June 20, 2011 — LMI has won a contract worth up to $12.3 million to support the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s (OSD’s) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration, DASD(SCI). The contract marks the eighth year LMI will support that office.

Over the course of the base-plus-three-years contract, LMI will provide metrics and analysis of metrics for the Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain, shepherd policy and issuance actions, support DoD’s Comprehensive Inventory Improvement Plan, and provide general consulting services.

LMI will also work to expand OSD’s current supply chain dashboard capabilities and collect and maintain critical data.

DASD(SCI) serves as the most senior executive responsible for the development and direction of the defense-wide supply chain integration functions. The office advances the integration of the defense supply chain through policy development and implementation of supply chain management practices; coordinating logistics strategies to form a unified approach to support the Department's logistics missions, goals and objectives; and developing logistics partnerships with U.S. allies and partnering nations.

Reporters seeking more information should contact Matt Daigle at 703-677-3621 or mdaigle@lmi.org.

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