Energy & Environment

LMI helps government organizations find the best balance of cost management, compliance, and their responsibility to protect the environment.

Some of LMI’s clients have been focused on energy and environment issues for a long time; for others, it’s new territory. But all are motivated by the need for attention on climate change, sustainability, and smarter use of resources. And all of our clients count on the informed insights of LMI.

Our clients recognize and appreciate LMI’s corporate commitment and real investments we have made to understanding environmental issues in a government context. We work hard to stay ahead of the issues. For example, we wrote the highly acclaimed Federal Leader’s Guide to Climate Change, a fair and balanced approach that translates 2,700 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change findings into action government leaders need to take.

Our staff includes professional engineers, registered environmental managers, certified industrial hygienists, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) -accredited professionals, and project management professionals. They all combine their expertise to help our clients prioritize projects and requirements in ways that lead to the best use of resources.

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