Corporate Culture

LMI is a place where you’ll be welcomed, respected, and valued.


Ask the people who work at LMI what the corporate culture is like and you will invariably hear the same things: collegial, teamwork-oriented, supportive, stimulating… a place to stay.

As a not-for-profit business, LMI takes pride in always working in the client’s best interest. We strive to work only on programs of demonstrable value to the public sector, with the result that our work is both challenging and rewarding. LMI employees build strong bonds by working together in pursuit of a shared, and worthy, goal—helping government work better. We also value our relatively flat organizational structure, which contributes to an atmosphere of mutual respect and support for the work each one of us does.

LMI Charity Fundraiser

Watch LMI staff compete in the LMIQ, a trivia competition testing our brightest minds. Hosted by CEO Nelson Ford, the "Big Brain Smackdown" saw nearly 100 competitors, with the "Smooth Operators" prevailing. $5,000 will be donated to the Feed America on their behalf.

LMI nurtures our employees, both personally and professionally. We provide a broad array of technical, management, and individual skills workshops, seminars, conferences, and classes, both on- and off-site, to help our employees reach their full potential. And we are active in our community through direct volunteer work and fundraising for a number of important causes.

Yes, we take care of our employees—with competitive compensation, great benefits, and flexible schedules—but LMI’s culture brings even more. The opportunity to make a difference by doing work you love to do. To learn from the recognized experts in their field—by working side by side with them. And to go home at the end of every day knowing your contributions have added value that goes way beyond the profit motives of a typical consultancy.