IT Program Management

Rely on us when your IT program management expertise is stretched to its max.


Successful IT program management within government incorporates a range of inputs: thorough knowledge of program management standards and best practices, extensive IT functional expertise, and a high government IQ. But for many government organizations with limited resources, having all the components in place for successful IT program management is an unrealistic expectation.

LMI leverages our extensive experience in managing large IT programs to help our government clients with the crucial tasks of IT program management. Our capabilities run the gamut: from concept development and program planning system through implementation and ongoing operations, all the way to disposal. At every point, we help them manage resources, mitigate risks, and comply with government mandates.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

To ensure that government managers have the best information to make decisions, LMI verifies and validates that the policies, initiatives, and systems in place align with organization strategies and business needs, comply with government mandates, and meet contractual requirements. To support these efforts, LMI has developed a proprietary comprehensive process, called INDEPTH™, for providing IV&V services at three levels: organization, project, and system.

LMI’s IT capabilities are flexible and can be used to support individual aspects of program management or the entire implementation. For example, the U.S. Department of State is putting in place a worldwide logistics system to handle procurement. LMI has been involved since the beginning of the process, conceptualizing the system, developing requirements, and drafting the concept of operations. We supported the department during the vendor selection process, provided independent validation, and now supply ongoing program management office support services.

LMI’s IT program management capabilities include the following:

  • Requirements definition
  • Project planning
  • System development life cycle documentation
  • Acquisition and source selection
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Implementation support
  • IV&V.

Information Management Highlights

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