Professional Services Schedule – Financial and Business Solutions Functional Disciplines


We are qualified through our GSA Schedule contracts to offer clients a comprehensive set of financial management solutions.

Financial Management Services Offered

We offer the following financial management services and products under GSA Schedule contracts.

  • Accounting  (SIN520-11)
    We offer clients comprehensive assessments of procedures, operations, and management of their accounting systems and functions, including analyzing transaction processing, classifying accounting transactions, and devising new or revised accounting policies and procedures.

  • Budgeting  (SIN 520-12)
    We offer a range of budgeting services, such as assessing and improving budget execution processes, reviewing budgetary controls, and using information technology to streamline and improve budget-related activities.

  • Complementary Financial Management Systems Services  (SIN 520-13)

  • Financial Management Systems Services
    We offer a full set of financial management systems services, including developing financial system requirements, identifying opportunities through gap analyses, assisting in the procurement and implementation of commercial off-the-shelf systems, and independently verifying and validating financial management systems.

  • Financial Planning and Performance Measurement 
    We offer extensive financial planning and performance measurement services, including providing technical assistance in complying with Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) requirements, advising on the preparation of strategic and operational financial plans, assessing the adequacy of strategic plans, and devising and implementing performance measures for financial systems.

  • Asset Management Services
    We offer comprehensive assessments of current and proposed asset management functions and systems, including the planning, acquisition, and management of life-cycle costing for owned and leased assets and developing functional requirements and systems architectures for real and personal property accounting systems.

  • Other Financial Management Services
    We offer a variety of other financial management services, such as strategic planning and oversight, reengineering of financial processes, analysis of systems for managing federal financial cards used to purchaser travel and other services and products, and development of financial systems tests.

  • Outsourcing Recurring Commercial Activities for Financial Management Services  (SIN 520-15)
    We offer staff and expertise that provides one-time or reoccurring/sustained commercial activities for billing, application processing, inventory management, and other financial management activities. Services include diverse areas of real property inventorying; managing purchase, travel, and fleet charge card platforms; and, performing independent reviews of leases and rent bills.

Professional Services Price List

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