For over 55 years, government organizations have relied on LMI to help find answers to their most pressing logistics challenges.

A high-functioning logistics organization strikes the right balance between efficiency and the ready availability of people, facilities, and supplies an organization needs to complete its mission.

LMI helps our clients find and maintain this balance. We apply our in-depth expertise toward the goal of just-in-time supply, while building in the appropriate counter-measures for potential disruptions. We simplify logistics complexity for our clients, boiling down the entire process—from the supplier’s suppliers to the customer’s customers—into distinct, optimized steps with minimal variation. The result is cohesive end-to-end supply chains for our clients.

The breadth of our logistics expertise stems from the diverse backgrounds of our people. They have honed their knowledge of logistics in defense, government, business, and academia and augment their skills with LMI-proprietary analytic tools and techniques.

Our work is always done with an eye toward supply chain sustainability—helping our clients manage their resources to meet their needs, yet minimize their environmental impact. We also invest heavily in understanding the latest in technology innovations and enhancements, so that the answers we give our clients have the advantage of cutting-edge technology.

For over 50 years, we have developed a reputation for innovative ideas, backed by the expertise to make them happen. The many long-standing relationships we have developed over that time stand as a testament to the confidence our clients place in our ability and our integrity.

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Logistics Highlights

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