Financial Planning & Process

We help ensure that funds needed to support the mission don’t get caught up in unnecessary process.


LMI’s financial planning and process improvement capabilities help government organizations manage their money flow better, from appropriations to execution.

We can take a big picture perspective, understanding current government guidance, best practices in financial management, and the latest advances and their applicability to optimize government organizations’ approach to their financial management.

In some cases, our clients need help updating their policies to bring them in conformance with the latest guidance. We may write requirements and standards for financial systems and conduct testing to identify areas of improvement in existing processes and systems. In all cases, we don’t work as accountants, but rather, as champions of process excellence, bringing our capabilities to meet our clients’ needs, wherever they are on the spectrum of financial management sophistication.

LMI’s financial planning and process improvement capabilities include the following:

  • Assessing financial management strategies
  • Reviewing and documenting existing accounting operations and practices
  • Benchmarking against best-in-class management and operational standards
  • Mapping and describing existing and improved processes
  • Developing road maps that prioritize improvements to reduce the highest-risk groups
  • Developing and assessing financial management technology and e-business strategic plans
  • Identifying areas for improved internal controls.

Acquisition & Financial Management Highlights

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