GSA Integrated Workforce Planning BPA

Contract Number: GS14H15AAA0014
Period of performance: 12/19/2014 – 12/18/2019
Available Order Types: FFP, Labor Hour, T&M, and hybrid types
Authorized Users: Any organization within GSA, including GSA Regions
About the GSA Integrated Workforce Planning BPA
LMI is a prime contractor on GSA’s Integrated Workforce Planning BPA, under which we can provide a broad range of analytical and support services to organizations throughout GSA. The program areas included under the scope of this BPA are as follows:

  • Workforce Planning and Workload Assessments Support Services
  • Data Analysis
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices
  • Program Management (inclusive of implementation)
  • Strategic Change Management and Communications.
Given the breadth and width of services required, it is anticipated that task orders will use North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 541611, Administrative Management and General Management Consulting, but other NAICS codes may be used within category 54161.

The primary ordering activity under this BPA is GSA’s Office of Administrative Services, Internal Acquisition Division (IAD). However, the IAD may delegate procurement authority to any GSA warranted contracting officer.