Environmental Responsibility

Working to make tomorrow better than today.


LMI recognizes that when it comes to environmental responsibility, a lot hangs in the balance. We understand that in meeting our needs today, we need to act in ways that preserve resources for future generations.

We comply fully with all environmental protection laws, and we exercise good judgment with regard to the environmental aspects of our use of buildings and other real estate, our report production processes, and our waste disposal practices.

Recycling of Office Equipment and Supplies

LMI uses our hardware until they are no longer serviceable and then harvests them for parts before sending them to the recycler. We follow strict processes to protect user data and to meet environmental requirements. We make recycling arrangements with commercial customers depending on the equipment involved and participate in several recycling programs.

We encourage responsible use of office products, and recycle what is no longer usable.  To date we have recycled over 500 lbs. of batteries and diskettes. Our office supply recycling program also includes CDs, paper, printer cartridges, and Xerox cartridges.

Energy Efficiency in the Workplace

LMI continually looks for innovative ways to reduce our energy consumption and decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and costs. For example, we reduced our headquarters space requirements in FY2010 by >10% by consolidating operations. In FY2011, we reduced our space requirements at a satellite facility by >20%, while maintaining the same staff size and positioning us for future growth. We also increased office occupancy efficiency by incorporating more systems furniture into the mix. For our many environmentally sustainable practices, our headquarters building has been Energy Star and LEED certified since 2012.

Support of Sustainability Committee

The LMI Sustainability Committee, a group of 30 voluntary members, works to improve LMI’s sustainable business practices in ways consistent with our overall mission, vision, and core values and for the benefit of all our stakeholders. This committee organizes spring and fall recycling events to coincide with Earth Day and America Recycles Day. It also collaborates with LMI leadership to identify and prioritize sustainability initiatives going forward. For example, it has conducted comprehensive reviews of recycling patterns and provided recommendations regarding the procurement of sustainable office products.