Midwest Region

LMI: Strong in what we believe, strong in what we do.

Integrity—honesty, hard work, and proving ourselves through our actions—runs deep in the heartland of our country. And at LMI, we hold those same values close. 

Over the course of our long history in the Midwest Region, LMI’s clients have come to rely on the consistency and quality of our support. For example, we’ve been a partner to our clients at Scott AFB for 20 years, and as the base is growing we’re right there with our clients, growing in size and offerings, too.

A not-for-profit business with a public-service mission.

LMI’s presence in the Midwest Region gives our clients the best of all worlds.

For more than 50 years, our not-for-profit mission—advancing the science of government management—has given us the freedom to focus on what is in the best interests for our clients. We are resolute in our commitment to serving our clients first, and never swayed by commercial or political bias. We bring practical solutions, made possible by world-class tools, methods, practices—and minds.

Our results speak loud and clear.

Our Midwest staff is sized to give us the agility to partner well with complementary companies, yet sizable enough to handle projects on our own. We help our clients on programs that may last several weeks or several years. But always, we manage each client engagement as if it were our only one—focusing on a quality solution that delivers exceptional results.

For example, we worked with the Department of Defense on the Defense Transportation Coordinator Initiative (DTCI) from the initial concept development through contract award to facility implementation. Our comprehensive support included detailed analysis of historical data, contract development and administration, capability fielding, and program management—all of which added up to an initiative that brought significant cost savings.

We are also working with the United States Transportation Command to improve DoD deployment and distribution operations and to increase the Joint Force Commanders’ freedom of action across the full range of military employment. Such an effort requires enhancing the precision, reliability, visibility, and efficiency of the DoD supply chain. LMI has been helping through the Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) Program, which is developing new bodies of knowledge on distribution, as well as evaluating and integrating the resulting transformational approaches. From helping articulate the long-range vision and strategy to providing transition assistance and interagency project coordination and oversight, LMI is a valued partner, every step of the way.

Well rounded and well grounded.

Our size and our corporate approach allow us to get to know our clients at a more personal level that gives us a deeper understanding of their needs. Our capabilities have their roots in the analytical rigor and precise execution of our unmatched government logistics experience, but have grown to include a broad portfolio of core capabilities, including the following:

 Within our Midwest offices, we have experts on staff in each of these areas, as well as the reach back to the entire breadth and depth of LMI’s corporate resources.