Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

LMI’s supply chain risk mitigation services give our clients a new measure of assurance in the face of uncertainty.


From strikes to cyberattacks to natural disasters, the unanticipated disruption of a government supply chain can have disastrous consequences.

Our experts work closely with industry associations such as the Supply Chain Council and the Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council to advance the best practices and approaches for understanding and mitigating risks across the supply chain. This helps us support our clients with the best-known methods for cost-effectively minimizing risk in the supply chain. Our expertise is recognized by the supply chain community, and our staff recently contributed to the new book, X-SCM: The New Science of Extreme Supply Chain Management.

We overlay logical analytic techniques to quantify and assess seemingly random potential events. By classifying potential risks, predicting their likelihood, and developing a host of mitigation strategies, LMI helps our clients minimize the harm that comes when there is a breakdown in the supply chain.

LMI’s supply chain risk mitigation capabilities include the following:

  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Supply chain continuity of operations planning
  • Counterfeit item management programs
  • Supply chain information assurance assessments.

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