Pandemic Response Support

LMI helps ready government to deliver care when and where it’s needed.

An effective pandemic response requires planning, coordination, and preparation. The right plan, together with prepositioning of resources and coordination between responding organizations, will enable an effective response. LMI and our partners have the response planning, design, implementation, and management capabilities as well as the expertise to support a robust international pandemic response capability.

The Team LMI Solution

  • Planning
  • Implementation and Management
  • Coordination and Communication
  • Testing and Exercises
  • Execution

International Response Expertise

We developed and managed CDC and USDA emergency vaccine stockpiles, and developed response plans for New York, Chicago, and other cities.

We supported the Department of Defense responses to the Haiti earthquake and the Ebola outbreak.

LMI’s team includes Imperial Health Sciences, a leading health supply chain company in Africa with demonstrated rapid response capabilities.

Our People

  • Have comprehensive academic credentials in public health, supply chain management, public policy, operations research, engineering disciplines, and business management;
  • Are certified in health administration, emergency management, supply chain management, project management, and facility management;
  • Know public sector and global health systems;
  • Have expertise in operating health supply chains in Africa;
  • Offer objectivity; and
  • Have an average tenure of 7 years, reducing project churn
  • and knowledge loss.

Contact Us

To learn more about our services and solutions in Pandemic Response Support please contact:

Pat Tamburrino
Vice President
Health Management
(703) 677-3630

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