Performance Management

We help our clients develop performance management programs that help employees reach their full potential.


Government organizations need to accurately measure performance and use the results to make decisions that improve it. LMI’s systematic performance management approach focuses on creating a positive culture of results and transparency. Our approach involves clearly defined and communicated performance goals and expectations, a balance between short-term and long-term goals and priorities, an outcome-oriented system that links outputs and outcomes, and an infrastructure that integrates a consistent set of performance metrics throughout the organization. Our approach ensures a clear vision for performance, continuous internal and external communication, strengthened networks, collaborative scorecards and dashboards, and emphasis on leadership commitment and accountability for performance. Moreover, it is an approach that seeks to address four fundamental challenges of government:

  • Focusing the organization on results important to stakeholders and customers
  • Improving results with constrained resources
  • Coordinating within and across services
  • Gaining and keeping the public’s trust and confidence.

We help government organizations move beyond the view that performance management is only necessary for compliance reasons. The key is considering in depth the improvements to be made with measures for success. For organizations that have begun to put the building blocks in place, our solutions help make the business case for moving forward. For those beginning to evaluate their needs, our models and best practices point the way to necessary changes and improvements.

LMI’s performance management capabilities include the following:

  • Performance management program design and implementation
  • Metrics
  • Dashboards
  • Strategic management systems.

Organizational Improvement Highlights

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