Capacity Development

We don’t just make a difference. We make a difference that lasts.

Capacity development is all about helping governments develop the capabilities they need to set, achieve and, most important, sustain their development goals. And with dozens of weak or failing states at risk of conflict or collapse, and many more lacking critical government services and capabilities, the need for effective capacity development has never been greater.

Yet the traditional emphasis in capacity development on training and building physical infrastructure has neglected the development of the “nuts and bolts” mechanics of governance, which include logistics, contracting, budgeting and planning, among others. And as the person at the end of a payroll line or the patient waiting for delayed medication will tell you, sound mechanics of governance are essential to overcome the major development challenges facing the world today.

Even the most well-intentioned and well-resourced efforts will wither over time without internal capabilities and mechanics of governance in place to maintain them after external supports move away. A government can build a school, but without a sustainable plan for hiring and paying teachers, planning curricula, and maintaining the building, the population will eventually find itself back in a position of need.

A unique approach.

LMI’s approach to capacity development is fundamentally different. We understand that governments need to develop the internal capacity to self-sustain improvements over time. Our foundational focus on helping governments optimize their management processes means no other organization comes better equipped to provide the assistance developing governments really need—both in management and execution.

Our goals align with yours.

As a not-for-profit, our goal is to enable governments to manage for themselves, not to create a dependency on us in the interest of long-term revenue streams. We prepare our clients to stand on their own by helping governments break apart the overwhelming complexity of a vision into the functional pieces needed to make it operational. We begin at the most basic level—the mechanics of governance. Then, using our unique Capacity Development Assistance Model, we develop a methodical plan for meeting near-, mid-, and long-term objectives and work with governments to properly phase in the work at a manageable pace. Our structured approach ensures all of the many elements needed to ensure a successful outcome are accounted for.

Highly capable people with respect and integrity.

LMI brings the analytic expertise of professionals who are among the most highly educated, experienced, and respected in the industry. Equally important, our people bring a deep understanding of the importance of local ownership and culture to successful and sustainable outcomes.

For example, we spent more than a year in Iraq providing counsel on how to improve military and law enforcement logistics. We have also worked on the ground in Kenya, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, helping those governments optimize their medical supply chains. LMI provided critical human resource, transition management, and outreach services in support of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Ministry of Defense Advisors (MoDA) program, beginning with MoDA’s first Afghanistan pilot. No matter the nature of the program, LMI’s capable and experienced experts are always a valuable addition to capacity development teams.

LMI applies its functional capabilities in key governance areas, including:
Strategic planning
Human resources
Information technology
Policy development
Facilities management
Financial and resource management
Logistics and supply chain management.
Additionally, LMI has rich domain expertise in the following areas:
Law enforcement
Energy and environment
Transportation and infrastructure
Humanitarian relief and disaster response.