Professional Services Schedule – Engineering Services (PES) Functional Disciplines


We are qualified through our GSA Schedule contracts to offer clients a broad range of engineering solutions.

Professional Engineering Services Offered

We offer the following engineering services under our GSA Schedule contracts.

  • Strategic Planning for Technology Programs and Activities (SIN 871-1)
    We offer a wide range of strategic planning services, such as defining engineering performance requirements, advising on integrating automatic identification technologies with defense programs, and analyzing the economic impact of computerized system controls on industrial activities.

  • Concept Development and Requirements Analysis (SIN 871-2)
    We offer such services as concept studies, requirements definition, and evaluation of alternative technical approaches for systems or projects.

  • System Design, Engineering, and Integration (SIN 871-3)
    We offer a comprehensive set of services, such as translating system concepts into preliminary designs, performing risk mitigation and benefit analysis of security techniques for protecting the integrity of electronic signatures, and determining constraints on the development of electronic reporting gateways.

  • Integrated Logistics Support (SIN 871-5)
    We offer a full range of integrated logistics support (ILS), including analyzing integrated logistics requirements, developing ILS plans, and reviewing and developing logistics policies and standards.

  • Acquisition and Life-Cycle Management (SIN 871-6)
    We offer such services as developing acquisition strategies, evaluating strategies for technology insertion, formulating systems support strategies, and developing test and evaluation plans.

  • Construction Management and Engineering Consulting Services Related to Real Property (SIN 871-7)
    We offer comprehensive support to assist the customer agency manage the project, including design, procurement, project construction management, commissioning, claims, and post-construction assessments and services.  

Professional Services Price List

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