Data Analytics |

Getting the Most Out of Your Data

Deriving value from data—no matter how big or small—critically depends on the skills of your analysts; how your questions are framed; and how easily stakeholders can understand and use results.

Fusing Data Analytics with Business Analysis

Our data scientists, who are skilled in multiple computational approaches, help you harness the power of your data by combining their skills with deep domain expertise. Together, they help you contextualize your data by:
  • Framing questions critical to solving your most pressing business problems
  • Applying appropriate analytical and modeling methods relevant to the business challenge
  • Visualizing and communicating results in easy-to-understand ways
  • Informing decision-making

Results that Make Sense

We produce quick turnaround analyses tailored to your business questions without overwhelming details of computational methods. We apply innovative computational methods to multiple domains, including healthcare, intelligence, energy, environment, and defense:
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive modeling
  • Animation and visualization
  • Agent-based modeling
  • Mobile analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Simulation
  • Statistical modeling
Despite the hype around Big Data and Data Science, eliciting value from data does not require big investments in software and other information technology  We are tool and programming language agnostic and do not require you to use specific platforms or software solutions. We use open-source tools and languages that deliver the insights you need while minimizing cost.

Growing Your Capacity

Most of all, we help you get inspired by data analytics by exploring new applications. Often, our work stirs greater interest in data analytics across an organization as leaders see how results drive successful decisions. To grow your capacity for data analytics, we offer customized training to meet your organization’s learning needs.