LMI understands the ramifications of an effective acquisition strategy on an organization’s very mission, and we help our clients carry out the acquisition component of the logistics value chain with an outcome-based perspective.


Government acquisitions have an impact on programs that can last for years. And the use of contracted support has become an integral part of contingency operations. Whether devising strategies for operational contract support or for contingency contracting, LMI helps ensure that the rationale and processes behind any acquisition align with our client’s ultimate goals for its logistics program. We provide research, analysis, and insights our clients can translate into operational plans—no matter the lead-time between identification of the need and acquisition of the good or service.

For example, in our lead role on the BioWatch Program of the Department of Homeland Security, we are developing and overseeing implementation of supply strategies for the different elements of this critical system, which will warn first responders of a biological attack. We also support the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Program Support, Joint Staff J4, combatant commands, and Defense Logistics Agency Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office (JCASO) on all operational contracting issues, from policy through implementation.

We provide thorough and fair comparisons of a broad range of acquisition alternatives, with detailed life-cycle operations and support cost assessments for each alternative. In the area of contingency operations, we have the capability to coordinate and synchronize the provision of integrated contract support and management of contractor personnel.

LMI’s acquisition capabilities include the following:

  • Operations and support cost analysis
  • Sourcing and procurement management
  • Life-cycle logistics support strategies
  • Operational contract support.

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