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Matthew R. Peterson, Richard R. Young [Penn State Harrisburg], and Gary A. Gordon [University of Massachusetts]
“The Application of Supply Chain Management Principles to Emergency Management Logistics: An Empirical Study”
Journal of Emergency Management, July/August 2016
Vitali Volovoi, David K. Peterson, and Margaret S. Wise
“Amplified Availability: Spare Parts Inventory Simulations Hone Network Operations”
APICS Magazine, July/August 2016

Rick Lipsey
“The Need for a Cybersecurity Neighborhood Watch”
U.S. Cybersecurity Magazine, Spring 2016

Lt. Col. (ret) James J. Brown
“Let’s Get Wet: Take to the Water for Combined Maritime Maneuvers”
Army Magazine, May 2016

Dr. Michael E. Canes
“The Peculiar Economics of Federal Energy Management”
Energy Policy, April 2016

Ekundayo Shittu [George Washington University], Melissa Harnly, Shanta Whitaker, and Roger Miller
“Reorganizing Nigeria’s Vaccine Supply Chain Reduces Need for Additional Storage Facilities, But More Storage Is Required.”
Health Affairs 35:2 (February 2016)

Tovey C. Bachman, Pamela J. Williams, Kristen M. Cheman, Jeffrey Curtis [DLA], and Robert Carroll [OSD]
“PNG: Effective Inventory Control for Items with Highly Variable Demand”
Interfaces, Jan-Feb 2016


Miller, Roger, Taylor Wilkerson, and Prashant Yadav [University of Michigan] Leslie Arney
"Strategic Contracting Practices to Improve Procurement of Health Commodities."
Global Health: Science and Practice 1–12, 2015

DuBravec, Daniel
"Can EHR's Handle Genomics Data?"
Journal of AHIMA, Nov-Dec 2015

Harris, RADM Sinclair M.
"The Five L’s of Surface Warfare"
Surface SITREP, October 2015

Kumar, Vivek, Brant Horio, Anthony DeCicco, Shahab Hasan, Virginia Stouffer, [J.C. Smith, and N.M. Guerreiro - NASA Langley Research Center]
"Understanding Air Transportation Market Dynamics using a Search Algorithm for Calibrating Travel Demand and Price"
Proceedings, June 2015

Corman, Juliane, Kim Harris, David Levin, Jeffrey Schulte, Brittany Shanks
"Support for Defense and Military Spending"
Public Opinion Quarterly, Spring 2015

Lipsey, Richard
"Getting Cybersecurity Off the Back Burner and Into the Boardroom"
United States Cybersecurity Magazine, Spring 2015

Long, Dou, Shahab Hasan, Virginia Stouffer [Krishman Ramamoorthy and Gregory Car - Saab Sensis, Husni Idris - Engility, David Ballard - GRA]
"Analytical Identification and Ranking of Choke Points in the National Airspace System"
Proceedings, June 2015

McMahon, James, [Thomas R. Karl, Anthony Arguez, Boyin Huang, Jay H. Lawrimore, Matthew J. Menne, Thomas C. Peterson, Russell S. Vose, Huai-Min Zhang - NOAA]
"Possible Artifacts of Data Biases in the Recent Global Surface Warming Hiatus"
Science, June 2015

Perdu, Didier, Richard Lipsey, and [Roxanne Everetts - DAU]
"Improving Your Cybersecurity Posture with Enterprise Architecture"
United States Cybersecurity Magazine, Summer 2015

Peterson, Matt, [Jeffrey Allen]
"New Tools for Staffing a Local Disaster Recovery Effort"
Pennsylvania County News, March/April 2015


Duncan, Denise and [Al Lager]
“Configuration Management Best Practices”
Defense Standardization Program Journal, Jan/Mar 2014

Jones, Michaeleh M.
“If Communication is Common Sense, Why Isn’t It More Common?”
Public Manager, Sep 2014

Lang, Thomas
“Modeling Reliable Options for Overseas Combat Support Basing”
Decision Line, March/May 2014

Luberto, Anthony, Schaeffer DeArmond and Thomas Calderwood
“Planning and Conducting Local Procurement Strategy in Developing Countries”
Peace and Stability Journal, July 2014

Miller, Roger, Taylor Wilkerson, [Leslie Arney and Prashant Yadav – University of Michigan] “Strategic Contracting Practices to Improve Procurement of Health Commodities”
Global Health: Science and Practice, 24 July 2014

Shepherd, David K. 
“Your Network is Secure But Where is Your Data?”
United States Cybersecurity Magazine, Fall 2014

Wilkerson, Taylor
“Cybersecurity in the Supply Chain”
United States Cybersecurity Magazine,  Summer 2014

Wilkerson, Taylor [W.L. (Skip) Grenoble, Kusumal Ruamsook, Lauren Bechtel and Christopher Craighead – Pennsylvania State University)]
“Counterfeiting: An Omnipresent Critical and Yet Elusive Supply Chain Issue”
Supply Chain Management Review, July-August 2014

Wilkerson, Taylor and Joe Doyle
“Anticounterfeit Best Practices”
Defense Standardization Program Journal, Jan/Mar 2014

Woolley, Mark, [Elisabeth Moyer - University of Chicago, Nathan J. Matteson -DePaul University, Michael J. Glotter - University of Chicago, and David A. Weisbach - University of Chicago]
“Climate Impacts on Economic Growth as Drivers of Uncertainty in the Social Cost of Carbon” Journal of Legal Studies, June 2014

Peterson, Matthew and [Richard Young - Pennsylvania State University]
"Emergency Management Logistics must become Emergency Supply Chain Management"
Journal of Emergency Management, March/April 2014

Peterson, Matthew, Linda Novak, [Richard R. Young, Meghan Flannery Hayes, and Frederick Tillostson - Pennsylvania State University] 
"Limiting the Worldwide Flow of Weapons and their Components through Established Maritime Transport"
Journal of Transportation Security, March 2014

Eckhause, Jeremy and [Johannes Herold - Berlin University of Technology]
"Using Real Options to Determine Optimal Funding Strategies for CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage Projects in the European Union"
Energy Policy, March 2014

Allen, Heather and  Alexandra Taylor
"Evolution of U.S. Foot-and-Mouth Disease Response Strategy"
Disaster Prevention and Management, January 2014

Lee, David, Carol Dezwarte, Stephanie Sigalas-Markham and Jeremy Eckhause
"Applications of a Parsimonious Model of Development Programs’ Costs and Schedules"
Journal of Cost Analysis and Parametrics, January 2014

DeZwarte, Carol and Ivonne Reid-Borland, Chief of the Army Proponency Office
"Army Begins DoD Financial Management Certification"
Armed Forces Comptroller, Winter 2014


Stouffer, Virginia and Robert Hemm
"Virginia and Robert Hemm A top level safety analysis of N+2 aircraft in nextgen operations"
AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference, August 12-14, 2013

Fasching, John and [Jason Trubenbach - US Army, G-4]
"Army Strategic Readiness Reporting: What You Need to Know"
DTO/MO Quarterly Newsletter, July-September 2013

Holland, Steven
"Total Asset Management: From Acquire to Retire"
Journal of Property and Asset Management, June 2013

Jonassen, Rachael
"Managing for Uncertainty: The New Reality in Contemporary Climate Change Adaptations for the Water Industry"
Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) Symposium, March 2013

Allen, Heather, Alexandra Taylor
"Evolution of U.S. Foot-and-Mouth Disease Response Strategy"
International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance,
Febuary 15-18, 2013

Canes, Michael E.
"Managing Military Energy for Greater Cost Effectiveness"
Dialogue (online journal of the US Association for Energy Economics),
January 2013


Canes, Michael and Kevin Ennis
"Improving the Battery Acquisition Process for Army Communications-Electronics Equipment"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, October-December 2012

Canes, Michael E.
"Managing Military Energy for Greater Cost Effectiveness"
North American Conference of the US Association for Energy Economics
November 4-7 2012

Canes, Michael and Kevin Ennis
"Improving the Battery Acquisition Process for Army Communications-Electronics Equipment"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, October-December 2012

Horio, Brant M., [Emily S. Ihara, and Catherine J. Tompkins]
"Grandchildren Caring for Grandparents: Modeling the Complexity of Family Caregiving"
Journal of Social Service Research, August 2012

Allen, Heather A., Kiana Moore
"Systematically Using Agricultural and Animal Demographic Data in Animal Health Emergency Management"
Journal of Emergency Management, May/June 2012

Peterson, David and T.J. O'Malley
"Sizing Inventories with Readiness-Based Sparing"
Air Force Journal of Logistics, Spring 2012


Kelly, Patricia and Catherine Robertello
"Radio Frequency Identification Tags in Modern Distribution Processes"
Army Sustainment, May-June 2011, Volume 43, Issue 3

Judith Kaufmann, Miller, Roger, and James Cheyne 
“Vaccine Supply Chains Need To Be Better Funded And Strengthened, Or Lives Will Be At Risk” 
Health Affairs, June 2011, Vol 30, no. 6

Kuhn, George W.S.
"Further Considerations on Operations, Planning, and OR"
Phalanx, March 2011

Jackson, Lee
"Fiscal Austerity May Be Prudent Approach - Nation's Infrastructure Demands Immediate Attention"
Defense Transportation Journal, April 2011

Selman, John and Matt Daigle
"Attracting Strange Bedfellows: Climate Users Reshape the Conversation"
The Public Manager, Spring 2011

Bunch, Trevor, Nate Minshew, and Roy Kinney
"Standardizing the Rapid Delivery of Software to Warfighters"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, January/March 2011

Canes, Michael, and Roger Lueken
"The Use of Geothermal Energy for Military Purposes"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, January/March 2011

Stouffer, Virginia and Denise Duncan
"Data Standards Landscape 101"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, January/March 2011

Stouffer, Virginia
"The High Cost of Technical Data"
Dense Standardization Program Journal, January/March 2011

Bertko, John M., Steven M. Lieberman
"Building Regulatory And Operation Flexibility Into Accountable Care Organizations and 'Shared Savings'" 
Health Affairs, January 2011

Erickson, Steve
"Perspectives on Maintenance: Impacts of Highly Intergrated Systems - Continued from Previous Issue"
SOLE's Oracle Vol. 39 no. 1, January 2011


Garner, Dave
"U.S. Warfighters Benefit from Swedish-Developed Radar Technology"
Army AL&T Online, January 2010

Bratt, Gary, Patrick Coady, Clark Spencer, et al.
"The Army Health Hazard Assessment Program's Medical Cost-Avoidance Model"
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, January 2010

Kuhn, George
"When Will Support Planning Finally Escape its 'Mass-Logistics' Past?"
Phalanx, March 2010

Mansir, Brian
"Mitigating DoD's Acquisition Risks"
DSP Journal, July-September 2010

Oaks, David
"Improved End-of-Life Cycle Management: Yesterday's Equipment Conserving Today's Dollars"
Defense AT&L, October 2010

Waitt, Colin B.
Meeting the Public's Demands: Renewing Performance Management
The Public Manager, Winter 2010

Wilkerson, Taylor
Giverning Tangible Risk: The SCOR Model
X-SCM: The New Science of X-treme Supply Chain Management, 2011

Wilkerson, Taylor
Q&A with the Supply Chain Council
ELInsights, October 1, 2010 


Diamond, David
"Managing Incentives for Green Vehicles"
The Public Manager, Winter 2008-09

Diamond, David
"The Impact of Government Incentives for Hybrid-electric Vehicles: Evidence from U.S. States"
Energy Policy 37, March 2009

Diamond, David, Keith Webster, Christopher J. Mewett
"Army International Programs: A Win-Win for the U.S. and Our Allies"
Army AL&T, April-June 2009

Eckhause, Jeremy, Danny Hughes, Steven Gabriel
"Evaluating Real Options for Mitigating Technical Risk in Public Sector R&D Acquisitions"
International Journal of Project Management, May 2009

Forbes, Dr. James., Dr. David Lee, Andrew Long, Lon Cross
"Developing a Reliability Investment Model"
RMS Partnership Newsletter, February 2009

Hardison, Rob, Michael Canes, Leo Plonsky, Tom Joseph
"A Multidisciplined Approach to Fostering Adoption of Hydrogen Fuel Cells"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, July/September 2009

Herzberg, Eric
"Assessing the Cost of Corrosion to the Aerospace Industry"
Corrosion Control in the Aerospace Industry, 2009

Kordell, Michelle, Cliff Wolfe, Robert Pokorny
"Building a Better Tool to Deliver High-Quality Products to the Warfighter"Defense Standardization Program Journal, October/December 2009

Kumaran, Muthu, John Marcus
"Guarding Against Counterfeit Parts"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, October/December 2009

Sinks, George
"The Transformation of NATO Standardization and Interoperability: Challenges and Opportunities for DoD"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, October/December 2009

Wilkerson, Taylor
"Greening Your Supply Chain"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, October/December 2009

Wilson, Greg, Scott Streit
"Using the Semantic Web for Interoperability and Chaotic Data"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, July/September 2009


Blazer, Douglas, Tony Parrish, Bernie Smith, Steve Reynolds, et al.
"Intransit Management: Its Time Has Come"
AFLMA Year in Review 2007, Spring 2008

Brown, Jeff, Fred Elam, Gary Howard
"Changing the Professional Bulletin to Meet the Needs of a Transforming Army"
Transportation Corps Professional Bulletin, Winter 2008

Brown, Jeff
"The Regiment in the 21st Century: Where to Now?"
Transportation Corps Regimental Bulletin, Summer 2008

Brown, Jeff
"The Transportation Corps Commemorative Print: Documenting the Turning Point in Modern Convoy Protection Doctrine, Tactics, and Technology"
Transportation Corps Professional Bulletin, Winter 2008

Brown, Jeff
"The Transportation Theater Opening Element"
Transportation Corps Professional Bulletin, Winter 2008

Canes, Michael
"The Peculiar Economics of Energy in Defense Operations"
Dialogue, March 4, 2008

Canes, Michael
"Prospects for the US Motor Fuels Market"
Industrial Fuels and Power, April 2008

Christie, John
"DoD on a Glide Path to Bankruptcy"
Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute, June 2008

Cornet, Jackie, Julian Bentley
"Can DoD Help Budding Biofuels Industry Grow?"
Fuel Line, April 2008

Delaune, Jules M.
Waste and Inefficiency in the US Health Care System - Clinical Care: A Comprehensive Analysis in Support of System-wide Improvements
New England Healthcare Institute, February 2008

Delaune, Jules M. (Advisor)
Improving Physician Adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines: Barriers and Strategies for Change
New England Healthcare Institute, February 2008

Delaune, Jules M.
How Many More Studies Will It Take? A Collection of Evidence That Our Health Care System Can Do Better
New England Healthcare Institute, February 2008

Diamond, David
"The Impact of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Incentives for Hybrids in Virginia"
Journal of Public Transportation 11(4), Fourth Quarter 2008

Durant, Ron
"Transitioning Unique Identification to an Automated Serialized Item Management Information Capability"
UID Quarterly, Spring 2008

Durant, Ron, Chris Sautter
"A CBM Environment as Enabled through the DoD Policies for Serialized Item Management (SIM) and Item Unique Identification (IUID)"
Journal of the American Helicopter Society International, May 2008

Forbes, James, Andrew Long
"Determining How Much to Invest in Reliability"
ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation , September 2008

Girovasi, Edward
"Building an Acquisition Workforce to Meet Mission Objectives"
The Public Manager, Winter 2007–08

Gracia, Jaime
"A Game of Numbers: Building Strategic Partnerships with Industry"
Defense AT&L, Sep-Oct 2008

Long, E. Andrew, Michael J. Cushing, Margaret Hockenberry
"Best Practices for Reliability Assessment and Verification"
ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation, September 2008

Lyon, Martin P.
"FOSE. The Grass is Greener..."
The Public Manager, Summer 2008

Miller, Roger E., Perry R. Cooper, Donald L. Faust, Daniel Kachenchai
"Transforming the Military Health System"
The Public Manager, Fall 2008

Ogan, Andrew
"Greening Your Supply Chain"
Logistics Spectrum, July/September 2008

Parrish, Tony, and Douglas Blazer
"Repair Network Transformation: Modifying the Supply Chain"
AFLMA Year in Review 2007, Spring 2008

Stouffer, Virginia
"Derivation of a Cost Factor for Electronic Data Dissemination: A Case Study"
Journal of Cost Analysis and Parametrics, Spring 2008

Widener, Anmarie
Parental Leave and Child Health: Assessing the Policy Implications for the U.S.
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, September 2008

Widener, Anmarie
"It's About Time: The Impact of Parental Leave on Child Health"
Take Back Your Time Newsletter, March 2008

Widener, Anmarie
"Family-Friendly Policy: Lessons from Europe—Part II"
The Public Manager, Winter 2007–08

Wilkerson, Taylor
"Following Products Through the Green Supply Chain"
The Sustainable Enterprise Report, April 2008


Bachman, Tovey
"Reducing Aircraft Down for Lack of Parts with Sporadic Demand"
Military Operations Research 12(2), 2007

Blazer, Douglas, Lori Jones
"Equipment Readiness"
AFLMA Year in Review 2006, June 2007

Blazer, Douglas, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Sloan
"Logistics Support: Relating Readiness to Dollars"
Air Force Journal of Logistics, Summer 2007

Blazer, Douglas, Capt. John Flory, Gale Bowman
"DLA Forward Stocking: An Economic Analysis"
Air Force Journal of Logistics, Fall 2007

Brown, Jeff
"Army Watercraft in a Joint and Expeditionary Army"
Transportation Corps Professional Bulletin, Winter 2007

Canes, Michael
"Study Forecasts US Fuel Demand for Next Decade"
Oil & Gas Journal, October 8, 2007

Canes, Michael
Where is the U.S. Motor Fuels Market Headed?
Energy Policy Research Foundation (EPRINC), August 2007

Canes, Michael
Why Cap & Trade is the Wrong Policy to Curb Greenhouse Gases for the United States
Washington Roundtable on Science & Public Policy, George C. Marshall Institute, July 2007

Diamond, David, Rita Hassinger
"Army Research, Development and Acquisition Projects in Support of NATO"
Army AL&T Magazine, July–September 2007

Diamond, David
"Procurement in a Network-Centric Environment: Speed Versus Diligence"
RUSI Defence Systems, June 2007

Egan, Don, Robert Comer
"Sales Through the DoD 5000 Process: the Defense Commissary System"
Defense AT&L, May/June 2007

Farley, Robin
"Managing DoD in Fiscal Crisis"
The Public Manager, Spring 2007

Fulk, David, Theodore Lewis, Gloria Castro
"Chapter 6, Analysis Support for Acquisition: Part 1: Analysis of Alternatives"
Methods for Conducting Military Operational Analysis
ISBN 0-930473-13-2, 2007

Fulk, David, Douglas Blazer, Major David Wall
"Is COLT the Answer? Managing the AF GSD Stock Fund"
AFLMA Year in Review 2006, June 2007

Herzberg, Eric
"DoD Releases Landmark Cost of Corrosion Study: Agency Completes Data Analysis for Study's First Phase"
CorrDefense, Summer 2007

Kelly, Richard, Michael Williams, Defense Science Board Panel
"Critical Capabilities and Enabling Technologies (Volume III)"
Defense Science Board 2006 Summer Study on 21st Century Strategic Technology Vectors, February 2007

Kline, Rob, Tovey Bachman
"Estimating Spare Parts Requirements with Commonality and Redundancy"
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, July–August 2007

Koch, Bruce
"Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Implications"
Transportation Corps Professional Bulletin, Winter 2007

Loerch, Andrew (ed.), Larry Rainey (ed.)
Methods for Conducting Military Operational Analysis
ISBN 0-930473-13-2, 2007

Loerch, Andrew G., Daniel T. Maxwell
"Executive's Guide to Practical Computer Models"
The Public Manager, Fall 2007

Parrish, Tony
"Sustainment: Transitioning from Contingency Operations"
AFLMA 2006 Annual Report, June 2007

Rasmussen, Meghan
"From Stovepipes to Networks"
The Public Manager, Summer 2007

Rath, Manik
"Mergers, Acquisitions Call for Added Scrutiny"
National Defense, July 2007

Reynolds, Steven, Robert Ohnemus, Phillip Waugh, Antoinette Briggs, Herbert Hunter
"Interim Global Logistics Support Center Supply Chain Management Capabilities"
Air Force Journal of Logistics, Winter/Spring 2007

Romito, Joe
"Business Transformation and the Resource Manager"
Resource Management, 3rd Quarter 2007

Romito, Joseph
"Transforming Financial Management at Army Headquarters"
Resource Management, 4th Quarter 2007

Singh, Amita, J. René van Dorp, Thomas A. Mazzuchi
"A Novel Asymmetric Distribution with Power Tails"
Communications in Statistics—Theory and Methods 36(2), February 2007

Szostak, Rosemarie
"Advances in the Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolites and Mesoporous Materials"
Chapter in: Zeolite Advances in Petroleum and Organic Chemicals III, July 2007

Widener, Anmarie
"Family-Friendly Policy: Lessons from Europe—Part I"
The Public Manager, Fall 2007


Blazer, Douglas, Lori Jones, Wayne Faulkner, Paige Meeks, Cathy McIntosh, John Yelverton
"Improving Equipment Management Using Lessons Learned from the Air Force Spares Management Process"
Air Force Journal of Logistics, Summer 2006

Britnell, K. Wendell, Patrick Coady, Lindsey McDougle"Comparison of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems"
The Synergist, August 2006

Brown, Tim
"Stop Competency Blunders"
Training + Development, January 2006

Byrne, Patrick
"Defense Medical Logistics and the Army Medical Department"
Military Medical Technology (MMT) 10(5), 2006

Canes, Michael
"A Review of 'Ending the Energy Stalemate: a Bipartisan Strategy to Meet America's Energy Challenges' Report Issued by the National Commission on Energy Policy"
Marshall Institute Policy Outlook, July 2006

Coyle, Ed
"The Market of Automatic Identification Technology Accelerating at the Speed of Light!"
RFIDefense (a Defense Transportation Journal supplement), January 2006

Diamond, David
"Defence Innovation: Internal and External Factors"
RUSI Defence Systems, Spring 2006

Diamond, David, George Sinks
"Combined Force Interoperability through Security Cooperation"
Stand-To!, March 17, 2006

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"Implementing SAP from End-to-End Business Process Scenarios"
International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development 3(5), 2006

Fulk, David, Douglas Blazer, Bernard Smith, Deborah Hileman
"Improving Base Demand Levels Using COLT"
Air Force Journal of Logistics, Summer 2006

Gallay, David
"Public-Private Partnerships for Financing Federal Capital: Useful or Chimerical?"
Public Works Management & Policy, October 2006

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"Can NGATS Meet the Demands of the Future?"
Journal of Air Traffic Control, January–March 2006

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"A Tool for Improving Readiness through O-Ring Standardization and Item Reduction"
Defense Standardization Program Journal, April–June 2006

Lyon, Martin P.
"Fantastic FOSE"
The Public Manager, Spring 2006

Pilling, Adm. (Ret.) Donald L., Adm. Robert J. Natter (Ret.)
"Achieving the Right Mix "
Inited States Naval Institute: Proceedings, October 2006

Romito, Joseph
"ASA(FM&C) Strategic Priorities: Supporting the Army Vision"
Resource Management, Fourth Quarter, 2006

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"World Coal Quality Inventory: Colombia"
World Coal Quality Inventory: South America, United States Geological Survey, Open File Report 2006-1241, 2006

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Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics, July 2006

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The Public Manager, Winter 2005–06

Szostak, Rosemarie
Topic editor for "Catalytic hydrotreating in petroleum refining," "Catalytic reforming in petroleum refining," "Cracking," "Isomerization in petroleum refining," "Material intensity of use," "Petroleum refining," and "Waste-to-energy."
Encyclopedia of Earth [online], 2006.

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"Crisis of Contracting"
Government Executive, April 1, 2006

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"ERP: Integrating and Extending the Enterprise"
The Public Manager, Spring 2006


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In: Climate Change Policy and Economic Growth, Margo Thorning (ed.), International Council for Capital Formation, Brussels, Belgium, February 2005

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Journal of Management in Engineering, January 2005

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Who Owns The Data? Applying Internal Customer Relationship Management Principles to Improve Business and IT Integration.
ISBN 1-9332908-6-2, September 2005

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"A Spectrum Fable: How AESOP and XML Improve Naval Operations"
CHIPS Magazine, April–June 2005

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"Achieving Strategic Change in Government"
The Public Manager, Spring 2005

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"A Mission with Mercy: A Unique U.S. Partnership for Aiding Tsunami Victims"
The Public Manager, Summer 2005

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Defense Standardization Program Journal, April–June 2005

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The IRS Research Bulletin: Recent Research on Tax Administration and Compliance (Publication 1500), Proceedings of the IRS Research Conference, June 7–8, 2005

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"Note on New Data to Define Patterns of Operations at Echelons-Below-Division"
Phalanx 38(4), December 2005

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"Where Is Your Risk? Identifying Potential Failure Points in Support Organizations"
The Public Manager, Winter 2004–05

Romito, Joseph
"ASA(FM&C) Strategic Priorities: Supporting the Army Vision"
Resource Management, Third Quarter, 2005

Romito, Joseph
"Managing for Financial Success in Federal Agencies "
The Public Manager, Fall 2005

Sinks, George W.
"Straddling the Gap: Thoughts on Harmonising US and European Capabilities" [in The Transatlantic Gap: Heading for a Precipice?]
RUSI Defence Systems, Spring 2005

Wilkerson, Taylor
"Can One Green Deliver Another?"
Harvard Business Review, Supply Chain Strategy, September 2005

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