Health Systems Management

LMI helps ready government healthcare systems to deliver care when it’s needed.


For over 20 years, LMI has helped government organizations develop strategies to effectively deliver healthcare services to the diverse populations they serve, within constrained budgets. We work with the full range of government organizations engaged in healthcare: the Departments of Health and Human Services, Defense, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security.

In the area of Health Systems Management, LMI

  • develops better contracting and management strategies for the acquisition of healthcare services;
  • develops and tests plans for the provision and rapid expansion of healthcare services during emergencies;
  • analyzes disparate and voluminous data and turns it into meaningful information for decision-making;
  • designs, automates, and assesses medical supply chains to reduce waste and ensure medical supplies are where they’re needed, when they’re needed;
  • evaluates new medical technologies to prioritize investment decisions;
  • assesses health system capacities based on population served; and
  • assists in the equipping and preparation of new healthcare facilities.