Wherever LMI is, we’re improving the practice of government management.

For more than 50 years, LMI has been helping government organizations build and operate lean yet robust and responsive supply chains that provide value from end to end.
Acquisition & Financial Management
Acquisition & Financial Management
LMI helps government organizations structure their acquisition and financial management processes to accomplish more with constrained resources while meeting demands for increased accountability. 
Infrastructure and Engineering Management
Public Works & Facilities Management
From the policies, to the financials, to the engineering and operational issues, LMI brings a 360-degree perspective to infrastructure management. We apply that perspective to develop practical and enduring solutions to the challenges public works and facilities leaders face.
Information Management
At LMI, we help the government organizations make informed and intelligent decisions about which technologies to buy and how to apply the technologies they have to meet a range of objectives—from containing costs on the back end to advancing the mission on the front end.
Organizational and Human Capital Solutions
Organizational Improvement
LMI understands that strategy, people, and processes need to work in close alignment for an organization to operate optimally. We work with government organizations to develop new cohesion among these three elements and to position the organization for sustained performance excellence.
Policy & Program Support
Policy & Program Support
From program planning and policy setting all the way through to day-to-day operational support, LMI helps government organizations position and keep large programs on the path to successful outcomes.

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