Professional Services Schedule – Environmental Services Functional Disciplines


Environmental Services Offered

We offer the following environmental services and products under our GSA Schedule contracts

  • Environmental Consulting Services  (SIN 899-1)
    We offer environmental planning services in the following areas: program and project planning support, business process improvement, benchmarking and performance measurement, economic analysis and support, risk-based support, regulatory analysis, and natural and cultural resource management.
  • Environment Compliance Services
    We offer environmental compliance services in the following areas: compliance management planning, compliance auditing, pollution prevention programs, National Environmental Policy Act compliance, and energy management.
  • Environmental Advisory Services
    We offer hazardous material advisory services in the following areas: safety and health risk management, hazardous materials program management, reporting and compliance software and other tools, hazardous materials tracking software and related software, hazardous materials purchasing guidelines, spill response and release reporting, and material safety data sheets.

  • Environmental Training Services (SIN 899-3)
    We offer environmental-related training services in the following areas: training course development and presentation, customized courses to meet a customer’s specific needs, and computer-based interactive course development.

  • Materials and Waste Recycling and Disposal Services (SIN 899-5)
    We offer waste management services in the following areas: waste management strategies and feasibility studies; waste characterization; health hazard assessments and risk analyses; waste collection, transfer, storage, and disposal; technology assessment; and source reduction and recycling. We do not implement programs or provide non-professional services under this SIN.

Professional Services Price List

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