LMI Research Institute

The LMI Research Institute is an engine of innovation for our clients.

LMI created the LMI Research Institute in 2004 to serve LMI and its clients by researching and developing ideas that have bottom-line relevance to government managers.

Part of LMI’s mission has always been investigating problems that impact governance and the public, and formulating solutions to those problems. As LMI grew, not only in size but in breadth of services provided, we recognized the need for a more formal approach to these critical tasks, as well as governance at a corporate level to manage our self-funded and self-directed research to the best effect across our business lines.

Funded entirely by LMI, the LMI Research Institute strives to produce innovative ideas for revolutionary advances in government management by reducing risk and adding greater rigor and precision to decision making. With its big-picture view, the LMI Research Institute sees synergies and potential for collaboration among LMI program areas, resulting in our ability to develop more cross-cutting approaches to the most difficult issues that government leaders face today.

To that end, the LMI Research Institute pursues work in three areas:

LMI Research Institute Highlights

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