We are recognized experts in helping our clients find out what they need to know.


Information is the key to smart action, and successful surveys are one of the best methods of getting an unvarnished view into a particular subject. LMI understands that the key to a successful survey is collecting valid and reliable information.

For more than two decades, LMI has been a leader in conducting survey research. We work with our government clients to design, develop, and conduct cost-effective surveys that will generate the accurate, high-quality information they need to carry out meaningful action.

Our survey expertise encompasses all phases of the surveying process—from designing questionnaires and samples that will achieve reasonable response rates, through collecting and processing data, to performing statistical analyses and reporting results.

Our government clients have turned to us for various needs: identifying operational areas that need improvement, analyzing the impact of specific programs, gauging customer satisfaction, assessing the quality of work-life and other human resource issues, and performing economic analyses. No matter the subject, however, to each client, we bring the same rigor, information granularity, and lack of bias that has built and sustained LMI’s reputation as a leader in surveys for years.

LMI’s survey capabilities include the following:

  • Surveys and data collection
  • Statistical analyses
  • Reporting.