We bring smart approaches to the Intelligence Community’s distinct challenges.

Intelligence organizations must make sense of ever-increasing volumes and types of information if they are to provide the best, action-oriented insight to those protecting our country. The historical stovepipes of the Intelligence Community compound their challenge: Sharing information leads to far better outcomes, yet greatly complicates their task, particularly in a resource-constrained climate. As mission complexity for the Intelligence Community increases, their resources do not increase at the same pace.

LMI understands the challenge, and we work with the Intelligence Community to find ways to stretch their abilities by working smarter. We understand intelligence organizations are seeking to transform how they perform their missions—to make intelligence better and more responsive. Yet we also understand that the world will not stop to wait for them to change.

LMI takes a big picture perspective, identifying areas where more clear policy, changes to strategy, refined processes, or improved analytics will improve operational effectiveness and allow Intelligence Community to divert limited resources to front-line national security activities. We help intelligence organizations leapfrog ahead without disrupting here-and-now operations. By thinking through how to reengineer processes and relationships and how best to apply enabling technologies, we build on data and infrastructure the Intelligence Community already has, allowing them to get more timely and relevant information out of it.

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