Health Analytics

Turning Data into Information

Health systems are not only costly and complex but also subject to intense scrutiny. We help managers make programmatic and operational decisions by turning data into information to set benchmarks, review compliance, and understand program efficacy.

Typically, we start projects with lots of manual manipulation of data by using a variety of tools. When the questions we strive to answer with those data begin to repeat themselves, we incrementally develop automated tools to answer those questions faster and more accurately. We take advantage of our rapid tool development capability that allows us to address constantly changing business needs. A side benefit is that government staff members also have access to and can use the automated tools we’ve developed to address their business needs.

Data We Work with Every Day

  • Plan Benefits (cost sharing, supplemental benefits, rules, etc.)
  • Pricing (actuarial costs, cost sharing, etc.)
  • Rates (premiums)
  • Service Areas (where plans are offered)
  • Enrollment (by plan and county)
  • Claims and Encounters (fee-for-service and managed care)
  • Performance Metrics
  • Issuer Applications
  • Program Audit Information
  • Provider Networks

Results You Can Easily Understand and Use

Our goal is to support you in the process of applying analytics to solve business problems. We communicate results by using business terms and easy-to-understand visualizations without overwhelming you with the details of computational methods.


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