Distinguished Speakers Program

We learn best by looking outside our boundaries.


The LMI Research Institute’s Distinguished Speakers program brings senior government and commercial experts into LMI offices to educate and engage our staff on the most pressing issues facing our clients today and tomorrow. These private events for LMI staff encourage all of us to consider larger world events and trends and how they may impact the work and insight we provide for our customers.

The Honorable Robert F. Hale

The Honorable Robert F. Hale, Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and CFO of the Department of Defense, visited LMI to discuss the challenges of operating with constrained resources. more »

Dr. Eric Davidson

Dr. Eric Davidson visited LMI to discuss the grand challenge of “managing the nitrogen cycle.” His presentation focused on the environmental consequences of feeding about six billion carnivorous humans. more »

Ms. Jennifer Byrne

Ms. Jennifer Byrne came to LMI to speak about the grand challenge of “engineering the tools of scientific discovery.” She discussed how the brilliant minds of today will collaborate to help us achieve the impossible tomorrow. more »

Mr. Robert Lentz

Mr. Robert Lentz visited LMI to speak about the growing nature of the cyber security challenge. With each major cyberattack comes a new cybersecurity tipping point. Technologies are becoming more “connected,” and threats to them are becoming more serious—stealthy, unpatchable, targeted, and motivated by theft and crime. more »

Mr. Richard J. K. Stratford

Mr. Richard J. K. Stratford spoke to LMI about the history of nuclear energy and the international agreements that govern the procurement, use, and disposal of the key technologies and materials ... more »

Mr. Scott Sklar

Mr. Scott Sklar spoke to LMI about renewable energy systems that blend combinations of various renewable energy sources, as a long-term, sustainable energy strategy as an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. more »

Dr. David Helms

Dr. David Helms spoke to LMI about the evolution of health care coverage in the United States and the current reform issues in the spotlight today. more »

Mr. Randy Atkins

Mr. Randy Atkins came to LMI to kick off our 2011 Distinguished Speaker Series. Mr. Atkins introduced the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) “Grand Challenges,” 14 achievable engineering goals to make our world a better place to live. more »

Dr. Joseph Kasputys

Dr. Joseph Kasputys came to LMI as our final “revolution” speaker. Dr. Kasputys closed our series on major drivers of change in the world by discussing global economic integration. This presentation discussed the ... more »

Honorable R. James Woolsey

The Honorable R. James Woolsey came to LMI as part of our Distinguished Speakers Program. Mr. Woolsey discussed four factors in recent decades that have substantially increased ... more »

Mr. Tim Hoechst

LMI was privileged to host Mr. Tim Hoechst, Chief Technology Officer for Agilex Technologies, as part of our Distinguished Speakers Program. Mr. Hoechst discussed the current issues facing ... more »

Ms. Kathleen Newland

Ms. Kathleen Newland, Director of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), gave a talk at LMI as part of our Distinguished Speaker Program. Ms. Newland discussed population—the first of the seven revolutions ... more »

Dr. Andrew Krepinevich

Dr. Andrew Krepinevich, president of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, came to LMI as part of our Distinguished Speaker Program. Dr. Krepinevich discussed his latest book, 7 Deadly ... more »

Ms. Johanna Nesseth Tuttle

Ms. Johanna Nesseth Tuttle, vice president for strategic planning at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), came to LMI as part of our Distinguished Speaker Program. more »

RADM Admiral Steve Branham

The LMI Research Institute welcomed Rear Admiral Steve Branham, commander of the 7th Coast Guard District and director of Homeland Security Task Force Southeast, to speak at LMI. more »


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