Financial Compliance

LMI’s financial compliance expertise will ensure your financial practices stand up to scrutiny.


Financial compliance means a government organization is following all the policies, procedures, and rules for the resources it has received. It is integral to responsible stewardship of public funds and a prerequisite of the openness and accountability
that citizens demand.

While financial compliance is an absolute necessity, it is far from an easy capability to develop. The government groups responsible for ensuring financial compliance must be experts in analysis, accounting principles, auditing standards, and a complex web of laws and regulations. How well governments comply with their financial regulatory responsibilities may have an impact on revenues as well as public goodwill.

LMI helps government organizations comply with financial management mandates and standards by first identifying all relevant requirements and then distilling the requirements into comprehensible guidance. We do more than “check off boxes.” Rather, we help set up a comprehensive framework that uncovers and addresses points of risk and equips the government to successfully manage its compliance responsibilities in an ongoing fashion.

LMI’s financial compliance capabilities include the following:

  • Defining guiding principles to distill the long list of mandates into workable guidance
  • Conducting compliance reviews of operations to determine risks
  • Assessing software product compliance with government requirements
  • Assessing system compliance to determine FFMIA compliance.

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