Real Property Management &

LMI will help you manage all aspects of your facilities portfolio.

In an era of shrinking resources, government organizations have a fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers to leverage their real property to its maximum potential. Strong real property management uses innovative approaches to construct, operate, and manage real property in ways that promote operational readiness and cost- effectiveness, maintain core capabilities, and meet agencies’ responsibilities.
LMI helps our government clients ensure they have the appropriate facilities available and aligned to their mission. We can develop broad portfolio management strategies or solve site-specific challenges.
Whether the task is large or small, the value that LMI expertise adds consistently transcends the specific engagement. For example, for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, LMI is helping develop policy and manage the construction and maintenance of 700 miles of barrier fence intended to stem the tide of illegal immigration and illegal importation of contraband.
From policy analysis to space planning to lease administration and management, we bring industry best practices, appropriate technologies, and advanced analytic skill to bear for our clients’ broad range of real property management challenges.
LMI’s real property management and services capabilities include the following:
  • Policy analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Master planning
  • Space planning
  • Facilities condition assessments
  • Facilities management
  • Housing management
  • Lease administration and management
  • Appraisals and site studies.

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