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Critical activities for successful change implementation.


Change is at the heart of every effort to improve government performance. Our five-step change management methodology helps government managers lead change efforts that positively influence employee morale and productivity.
The five steps—Discover, Define, Design, Deliver, and Drive—distill best practices using a standardized process and easy-to-use templates and tools. Clients produce measurable results in the short term while learning a method they can leverage for future change needs and opportunities. 


Key Components for Success

Our research reveals strategic communications and constant measurement and evaluation throughout the change process are essential for sustaining change efforts. We incorporate both practices in every step of our approach.
Clear, frequent, and consistent communication engages stakeholders and is critical for transparency, understanding, and adoption. We help you develop a comprehensive communication strategy to guide stakeholders through change, set expectations, and mitigate the risk of misinformation.
Likewise, measurement and evaluation must occur at every stage to monitor progress, facilitate course correction, and sustain transformation. We work with your stakeholders to develop metrics and feedback mechanisms, gathering inputs and monitoring progress throughout the change effort.

Change Management in Action

We apply our scalable methodology to meet client needs. We have facilitated numerous change initiatives, including:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)—We helped the Office of Human Capital Management develop an enterprise human resources (HR) portal, which created access to a single source of authoritative HR information for employees.   
To gain buy-in, we engaged representatives from NASA’s centers in the design, development, testing, and rollout of the portal. We trained the representatives to be “super users,” ensuring they understood core functionality, as well as how to manage center-specific content.
We also developed a multimedia communications strategy to showcase the portal’s functions and features, and encourage adoption. We held monthly engagement sessions to train centers on new modules and track how well the portal was meeting employee needs. NASA has been able to achieve adoption and now is preparing for a new version of the HR Portal. 

Organizational Improvement Highlights

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