Acquisition Management

LMI’s acquisition capabilities help our clients make smart decisions about their investments.


The move to outsource certain acquisition services (including contracting and Project Management Office services) meant the government organizations lost much of their in-house acquisition expertise over the past decade. Now, as government organizations seeks to bring more acquisition specialization back into the workforce, LMI is helping at every step.

At the front of the acquisition process, LMI is helping departments across the government develop or refine acquisition strategies and policies that will ensure government funds are spent wisely. We can put particular emphasis on an organization’s contracting function, writing new policy to handle new forms of contracting (as we did for the U.S. Department of Defense, General Services Administration, and others) or making sure existing policy meets regulatory compliance. We can support the source-selection process. And we can provide training to new acquisitions experts to help government achieve its goal of stronger self-sufficiency in the acquisition management process.

LMI’s acquisition management capabilities include the following:

  • Streamlining acquisition processes and strengthening management controls
  • Analyzing acquisition
  • Reviewing programs to ensure compliance
  • Supporting procurement and source selection.

Acquisition & Financial Management Highlights

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