Acquisition & Financial Management

LMI helps government make the most out of its resources.

In an era of sustained economic downturn, strong management of a government organization’s acquisition and financial processes is more important than ever. Budgets are shrinking across the board, and citizens are demanding increased transparency and accountability from their leaders.

Government managers face strong pressure to ensure their limited resources achieve the greatest returns for a variety of stakeholders—organization leadership, regulators, employees in the field, and citizens.

Sound acquisition and financial management drives those who are successful.

LMI helps by bringing industry-leading principles and practices in resource management and acquisition and financial management to guide our government clients in meeting their broad range of goals.

Our job is to help make the linkages between strategy and practical applications so that our clients can achieve their desired outcomes—both within finance and, more broadly, in support of the overall organizational mission.

From requirements definition support to financial planning to ongoing process improvements, we analyze the needs, priorities, and alternatives to determine the balance that will best achieve goals and sustain them over the long term.

We are seasoned acquisition and financial management professionals, who bring the experience gained from developing best-practice solutions for other clients who have faced similar issues. And always, we use our ISO 9001:2000–certified quality management system to ensure we deliver superior work, on time and within budget.

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Acquisition & Financial Management Highlights

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