IT Professional Services Schedule


We are qualified through our GSA Schedule contracts to offer clients technical advice and assistance with meeting their most challenging information technology (IT) and electronic commerce challenges.

IT Services Offered

We offer the following IT professional services and products under our GSA Schedule contracts.

  • IT Facility Operation and Maintenance (FPDS D301)
    We offer a full range of IT facility support services, including help desk activities, hardware and software installation and integration, configuration management support, and resolution of network operations.

  • IT Systems Development Services (FPDS D302)
    We offer such systems development services as system design, data modeling, implementation planning, program management, unique or customized applications, and implementation of web-based systems.

  • IT Systems Analysis Services (FPDS D306)
    We offer extensive systems analysis services, including benchmarking, business process engineering, enterprise architecture development and evaluation, strategic and acquisition planning, development of requests for proposals, architectural analysis, change management, independent verification and validation, and software development life-cycle planning.

  • IT Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services (FPDS D307)
    We offer a comprehensive set of automated systems design and integration services, including mission needs assessments, rapid prototyping, market analysis and surveys, identification and assessments of commercial off-the-shelf applications, and development of performance measures.

  • IT Programming Services (FPDS D308)
    We offer an array of programming services, including data modeling, proof-of-concept system development and assessment, groupware design and implementation, and object-oriented development and coding.

  • IT Data Conversion Services (FPDS D311)
    We offer various data conversion services, including data quality and accuracy assessments, identification of data sources, development of data dictionaries, data conversion strategies, and identification of baseline metrics.

  • IT Network Management Services (FPDS D316)
    We offer a full set of network management services, including performance measurement, security penetration testing, benchmarking, administration and maintenance of mail exchangers, and load testing of application software.

  • Automated News, Data, and Other Information Services (FPDS D317)
    We offer a comprehensive set of automated news and data services, including risk analysis, continuity of operations planning and documentation, security awareness training, and physical security reviews of IT facilities.

  • Other Information Technology Services 
    We offer a broad range of e-business and e-government services, including reengineering of business processes, analysis of commercial software, integration of best practices, system acquisition support, and security management.

IT Services Price List

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