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Data Science
Data Science
Most people call data analytics a “science,” but at LMI, we see it as an “art.” Our approach to data analytics is driven by the desire to uncover answers to the hardest data-driven questions. We frame the questions to get the most useful answers.
Global Health
Global Health
LMI continues to take health management and resource management expertise to a global level. From health analytics, supply chain, and insurance program management to organizational workforce development and data management, LMI is building healthier communities worldwide.
V-22 Osprey
v-22 Osprey
LMI's V-22 readiness review drew on our myriad logistics and supply chain resources. We took a holistic approach involving 13 detailed lines of analysis organized into the major factors of materiel sustainment, total force structure, and program management.
Data Analytics
Lighting Energy Efficiency
Organizations possess a wealth of information, but are stymied by how to use it. Managers are unsure what questions they should be asking and often lack fresh perspective, sometimes relying on computational methods that fail to deliver new insights.
Change Management
Lighting Energy Efficiency
An estimated 75 percent of all change efforts fail. From a management perspective, lack of effective communication and measurement top the list of common pitfalls. On a more intrinsic level, people typically avoid change.
Supply Chain Counterfeits
Lighting Energy Efficiency
Experts predict the global economic and social impacts of counterfeiting and piracy could reach $1.7 trillion by 2015. Counterfeits pose serious safety and security risks—fake pharmaceuticals threaten public health, while phony microcircuits compromise military and security missions.
Lighting Energy Efficiency
Lighting Energy Efficiency
To help agencies meet energy-efficiency mandates, the LMI Research Institute developed a portfolio-based Lighting Energy Efficiency Tool that enables building managers to evaluate existing lighting sources and identify energy-efficient options that deliver the greatest return on investment.
OpenPolicy™—Smart Document Search
OpenPolicy™ - Smart Document Search
The government has a wealth of policy knowledge. What it lacked, until now, was a knowledge-assisted method for searching the content of those policies. LMI’s OpenPolicy™ tool provides the ability to intuitively search this massive storehouse of knowledge at the hyperspeed of semantic search.
Medicare Fee for Service
Medicare Fee for Service
Medicare Fee for Service (FFS) claims annually cost the country $300 billion. What are the most expensive diagnoses? Costliest hospital revenue centers? In a three-year $150,000 project, the LMI Research Institute developed a database to answer such questions.
Water Supply
Water Supply
Water is essential for life. Unfortunately, 1 billion people today lack adequate water—five to six gallons a day—and another 2.6 billion don’t have access to clean water. As the world’s population grows and climate change further disrupts supply, the problem will worsen—for everyone. To help clients better understand the water supply, the LMI Research Institute funded a yearlong project to analyze this issue.
PNG: Using Risk Management to Optimize Inventory
Some items are unforecastable. Either infrequent demand or frequent highly variable demand makes them impossible to accurately predict. To solve this problem for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), LMI developed a new tools—PNG. This innovative tool employs risk management to optimize inventory.
Secure Mobile Wireless
Secure Mobile Wireless
It’s accepted that mobile devices increase productivity by enabling employees to access enterprise resources while traveling and at home. Mobile devices also speed decision-making by supporting near-real-time access to corporate email and are the future tool for mobile identity management. But federal agencies face a dilemma—how can they support these productivity-enhancing tools while protecting proprietary information and sensitive personal data.
Monitoring Compliance and Identifying Best Healthcare Practices
LMI is helping all levels of government remain agile in an evolving healthcare environment, whether it’s laying the groundwork for health insurance marketplaces, ensuring existing and emerging plans meet federal standards, or adapting existing processes and practices to preserve compliance.
ASM Balances Inventory Investments and System Performance
Spare parts comprise a large piece of your budget. Yet when equipment breaks, you don’t have the right repair inventory available. LMI’s Aircraft Sustainability Model® (ASM) helps solves this problem by identifying those spares most critical to your operations.
Improving the Performance of Complex Systems
Today’s systems are complex and interrelated. If one link fails, the whole mission can fail. Fortunately, LMI’s new methodology—SysLinks™—helps planners assess the performance of complex systems and balance logistics requirements against operational risk.
Simulation Tool Helps Avoid Costly Procurement Changes
How will budget cuts impact inventory investment? Will a change in stock policies decrease or increase customer wait times? What’s the best way to lower procurement workload? LMI’s Financial and Inventory Simulation Model (FINISIM) answers these questions and more.
Improving Future Deployment and Distribution Capabilities
With so much riding on USTRANSCOM’s readiness and responsiveness, the organization sought LMI’s assistance in highlighting gaps in its deployment and distribution capabilities.
Leading the Dialogue on Energy and Climate Change
Energy & Environment
Through our climate change program, we are working to inform and engage federal government leaders on the changes they will be required to make through regulation and the voluntary changes they can make that will make a difference.
Providing Business Improvement Services to the Intelligence Community
As a government shared services platform, the Corporate Resources and Infrastructure (CRI) organization delivers value by delivering a suite of administrative and support services across the Intelligence Community as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Refining the General Services Administration’s Enterprise Architecture
Information Management
The General Services Administration (GSA) launched its enterprise architecture (EA) initiative to develop EA products that will make it easier for agencies to do business with GSA; promote common services and eliminate duplicate systems; ensure alignment of technology ...
Upgrading Government Travel Policies
Organizational Improvement
In response to a joint request from the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO), LMI comprehensively reviewed the travel policies governing civilian employees and uniformed service members.
Securing America’s Borders
Homeland Security
LMI has been a key player in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Secure Border Initiative. As part of this comprehensive multiyear plan to secure America’s borders and reduce illegal entry, CPB is ...
Providing Analytical Support to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
For the past 14 years, LMI has been helping the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) enhance its stewardship of Medicare Advantage plans, which provide Medicare coverage to more than 10 million seniors.
Supporting the DoD’s Ministry of Defense Advisors (MoDA) program
International Capacity Development
When MoDA began its pilot program in Afghanistan in the summer of 2010, LMI began providing vital human resources support. To date, LMI’s HR expert has already reviewed hundreds of resumes and conducted dozens of interviews as part of the rigorous selection process that will bring the appropriate people to the task.
Enhancing the Logistics Capabilities of the Iraqi Ministries of Defense and the Interior
International Capacity Development
Recognizing that helping Iraq develop its own robust defense capacity is a key tool in mitigating security threats within and beyond that country’s border, the US government created an important program called “Advise the Advisors.”
Safeguarding the Health and Safety of Millions of People
International Capacity Development
LMI provided an in-depth assessment of supply chain management issues for the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA), impacting the delivery of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to the people of Kenya.
Assessing Pandemic Preparedness and Response
International Capacity Development
Pandemics, as seen during the spread of the H1N1 virus in 2009–2010, begin suddenly and spread quickly. They have significant impacts on our health, economy, supply chain, and social fabric. Following the H1N1 pandemic, the LMI Research Institute analyzed the federal response plan and those of 10 states. Its independent report, Pandemic Consequence Planning: Assessment of Preparedness and Response, identifies weaknesses and strengths, and recommends improvements to federal, state, and local pandemic preparedness and response.