Health Management

Improving the management of healthcare has never been more important, not just in the United States, but around the world. LMI knows government and offers objectivity. We work with stakeholders, engineers, and planners to address customer needs and challenges related to health policy, management, and analysis.

Bringing the Highest Standards

We understand how commercial facilities, military installations, laboratories, federal officials, and health ministries around the world operate and partner with each other.
LMI’s team includes former senior executives with government and commercial experience, as well as mid-level professionals, and junior consultants.
Our People

  • Have comprehensive academic credentials in public health, public policy, operations research, multiple engineering disciplines, and business management.
  • Have certifications in project management, health administration, supply chain management, and facility management.
  • Know government.
  • Offer objectivity.
  • Have an average tenure of 7.4 years, reducing project churn and knowledge loss.

Helping You Make a Difference

Health Insurance Policy & Analysis

  • Provide deep industry expertise and support in plan benefit review, provider network adequacy, and policy oversight associated with both the Federally Facilitated and Medicare Advantage Health Insurance Marketplaces.
  • Ensure federal health program regulatory compliance through thorough, annual reviews of more than 15,000 health and dental plans.

Systems Management

  • Evaluate readiness for rapid expansion of healthcare services during emergencies, develop detailed emergency plans, and train emergency response personnel.
  • Assess population-specific health system capacities.
  • Provide automated assistance for managing questions about regulatory compliance.
  • Help program managers coordinate frequent communications across multiple stakeholder audiences.

Supply Chain Management

  • Improve performance and efficiency, while reducing waste and costs—with constant focus on health outcomes.
  • Design and automate health supply chains to deliver supplies safely where and when they are needed.

Health Facilities Management

  • Manage initial outfitting and transition services.
  • Schedule logistics with planners, engineers, and stakeholders.
  • Ensure facilities, systems, and equipment are audit-ready.

Data Analytics

  • Yield business insights by combining subject matter expertise with a diverse array of data science, visualization, and mapping technologies.
  • Provide managers with dashboard views of easy to understand program metrics.
  • Provide and manage automated tools using client-unique algorithms to assess compliance with established program benchmarks.