Professional Services Schedule – MOBIS Functional Disciplines


We are qualified through our GSA Schedule contracts to offer clients a full range of practical solutions to mission oriented business integrated services problems across the spectrum of public-sector functional areas.

Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services Offered

We offer the following management services and products under the GSA Schedule contracts.

  • Integrated Consulting Services (SIN 874-1)
    We offer a comprehensive set of consulting services: leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, information and analysis, human resources development, process management, and business results.

  • Facilitation Services
    We offer executive-level, process improvement, and cross-functional facilitation and interagency committee, task group, board, and steering group support.
  • Survey Services
    We offer a full range of survey support services, including gaining approval for the survey, planning the survey, designing the survey, analyzing the results, and developing an improvement strategy.

  • Training ServicesInstructor led (SIN 874-4)
    We offer instructor led training service including web based training courses,
    course development and test administration, learning management, and

  • Acquisition Management Support (SIN 874-6)
    We offer a comprehensive set of acquisition and privatization support services, such as enhancing the purchase and award processes for supplies, services, grants, and cooperative agreements, conducting feasibility studies and business process reviews, developing performance metrics, and providing procurement staff training on relevant commercial and government best practices.

  • Integrated Business Program Support Services (SIN 874-7)
    We offer services throughout all phases of the program life cycle, from concept development through evaluation and oversight of program operations.

Professional Services Price List:

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