Southeast Region

The Southeast is the place to be (and we’ve known it for years).

Building on a presence in the Southeast United States that dates back nearly 15 years, LMI continues to strengthen our commitment to the region in line with the U.S. government’s own increasing investment. Our recent acquisition of Belzon, Inc., a highly respected Huntsville-based provider of logistics, project management, and IT services, is just our latest demonstration that LMI is here to stay.

A long history of rock-steady support.

From our regional headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama, we have proudly served the Department of Defense in wide-ranging capacities, including logistics, organizational improvement, software development, and policy and program support. For example, we have given the U.S. Army our contract management expertise related to foreign military sales; assessed and recommended aircraft maintenance, training, and repair alternatives; and helped a psychological operations command implement performance-based logistics. For the Army Materiel Command, we are helping with information management and senior-level program management.

At Maxwell AFB, LMI subject matter experts support the Air Force’s retail supply system, providing a broad range of policy, software development and testing, and analysis support.

In Georgia, LMI has helped the U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Command assess the annual cost of corrosion-related maintenance and prevention for its ground vehicles. We have also helped the Marine Corps Maintenance Center, Albany, and the Defense Distribution Depot, Albany, implement sound supply chain management and lean logistics principles.

Our story is always evolving.

Branching out from these DoD roots, our influence in the region has grown broader over time, with LMI providing support to civilian agencies such as NASA, NOAA, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security, in states from the Carolinas to Florida to Louisiana.

For example, LMI has spent years providing independent fact-finding and performance reviews for the Department of Energy and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. And for the state of Alabama, LMI’s Center for Health Reform contributed consulting and technical assistance to help create the legislative proposal for the forward-looking Alabama Health Benefit Exchange. In North Carolina, we provide science and technology support to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), assisting with modeling-based projections, spatial analysis, and data collection.

Melding character and capability.

Why do we deliver so well? Because we are in synch with our Southeast clients. They value guidance they can trust and solutions they can implement at the tactical level. Our close proximity to our clients gives them better access to people who understand their business needs intimately, while our reach back to the full breadth and depth of LMI corporate resources gives them all the skills and tools they need to bring their desired results to fruition.

LMI serves our Southeast Region clients with a broad portfolio of core capabilities that include the following: