Budget Formulation

LMI helps our clients build budgets grounded in solid business cases.


To get the resources they need to carry out their mission, government organizations must undergo a rigorous budget formulation process to create budgets that satisfy the requirements of a whole range of stakeholders. Senior government leaders, regulators and legislators all have different needs, and all must be presented with a rock-solid business case that justifies the requests. In an era of economic downturn, budget scrutiny has grown more intense, and consequently the formulation process as a whole has grown more complicated.

LMI helps our government clients tie together the total process of developing, securing, and managing budget resources so that they are able to build strong budgets that will stand up to vigorous examination.

Building budgets that stand up to scrutiny

Our budget formulation experts bring the knowledge and understanding of budgeting in a government context that comes from rich and diverse backgrounds as former chief financial officers, budget officers, and financial examiners with years of on-the-ground experience in all phases and at all levels of the budget process.

We understand the context, we understand the process—and we can separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to implementing new budget formulation support tools. That’s why government organizations from the U.S. Capitol Police to OMB itself have come to rely on us for help navigating an increasingly tricky landscape.

LMI’s budget formulation capabilities include the following:

  • Reviewing and documenting existing processes
  • Reengineering processes and incorporating best practices
  • Defining requirements for automated support
  • Conducting gap analyses between the current environment and requirements
  • Assessing strategies and alternatives, including commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems
  • Assisting in the acquisition and implementation of systems.

Acquisition & Financial Management Highlights

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