Outsourcing & Privatization

We’ll help you sort through your complicated sourcing decisions.


Over time government agencies and ministries have grown increasingly receptive to the concepts of outsourcing and privatization as cost-effective alternatives for improving the administration of real property and facilities. While government organizations may offer some general guidelines, the details of implementation involve extensive assessment and analysis of the opportunities at an organizational level. Identifying and making sense of all the inputs to the ultimate decision can seem an overwhelming task.

LMI helps government organizations considering outsourcing or privatization work through a whole host of issues, each one complicated in its own right—cost comparisons among multiple alternatives, fairness in the selection process, governance, maintaining transparency and accountability, and environmental protection, among others. We bridge the gaps between the broad governing principles set down at the national level and the practical strategies that administrative entities responsible for implementation need.

LMI’s outsourcing and privatization capabilities include the following:

  • Policy development/implementation
  • Seek competitive sources for commercial activities
    • FAIR Act planning and implementation
    • OMB Circular A-76 studies and reviews
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Enhanced use leasing.

Infrastructure Management Highlights

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