Human Capital & Talent

The human capital and talent management programs we design are as smart as your workforce is.


LMI helps government organizations address the full spectrum of their human capital and talent management needs. We guide our clients through the process of aligning their workforce strategies to their organizational goals and develop plans for hiring, engaging, training, and rewarding superior performance.

LMI works as both a capable advisor and an extension of our client’s own workforce expertise. LMI has designed, developed, and implemented award-winning workforce planning and management models, written human capital strategic plans, supported compensation efforts to move to pay for performance, helped government organizations develop competency-based training and development programs, and implemented knowledge management programs. The top-level results include a new organizational culture that fosters greater individual accountability and the magnifier effect that comes from uniting individual talents toward a common purpose.

For example, LMI is supporting the U.S. Army G-1 in identifying the core competencies most relevant to each Army Senior Executive Service (SES) position. These competencies will form the basis for targeted development programs for individuals interested in moving into specific positions.

LMI’s human capital and talent management capabilities include the following:

  • Human capital strategic planning
  • Multi-sector workforce analysis and planning
  • Workforce modeling
  • Succession planning
  • Talent strategy
  • Training and development
  • Competency modeling and development
  • Executive coaching
  • Compensation studies.

Organizational Improvement Highlights

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