Health Management

Experience, objectivity, and deep understanding result in excellent healthcare. They’re just as important to health management, too.

Improving the management of healthcare has never been more important, not just in the United States, but around the world. LMI knows government and offers objectivity. We work with stakeholders, engineers, and planners to address customer needs and challenges related to health policy, management, and analysis.

Bringing the Highest Standards

We understand how commercial facilities, military installations, laboratories, federal officials, and health ministries around the world operate and partner with each other. LMI’s team includes former senior executives with government and commercial experience, as well as mid-level professionals, and junior consultants. Our people have comprehensive academic credentials in public health, public policy, operations research, multiple engineering disciplines, and business management. Additionally, they have certifications in project management, health administration, supply chain management, and facility management.

Helping You Make a Difference

For the last 20 years, LMI’s team of highly skilled policy and data analysts, systems developers, and healthcare industry experts has delivered a wide range of services to our federal healthcare clients.

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