United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
Management and Industrial Engineering Services (MIES)
Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

Contract Number: W912HQ-17-D-0005
Period of Performance: 03/06/2017–03/08/2022
Available Order Types: BPA


Providing USACE mission critical management and engineering services and support. With the MIES BPA, we deliver transformative solutions and measurable results to continue building America’s infrastructure and advancing the USACE mission.

The LMI/JG Management Systems Inc. (JGMS) team offers highly skilled and experienced professionals who have a record of success with USACE, the Army, and across government. Our team has expertise and experience in all 11 scope areas*, including: 

  • Construction management: Engineering and construction management analyses, reengineering appraisals, and advice
  • Real property: Real property management and housing management engineering analyses
  • Personnel and manpower: Engineering and construction personnel and manpower analyses
  • Privatization: Engineering analyses related to privatization feasibility and optimization
  • Information technology (IT): Specialized engineering and construction-related information systems appraisals and requirement
  • Facilities: Facilities policy, management, and administration
  • Operations research: Industrial engineering analysis
  • Business process reengineering: Engineering and construction management-related business process reengineering
  • Environment management: Environmental management and remediation
  • Water resources: Water resource management
  • Other analysis: Integrated engineering studies                                                   
* These areas come directly from the contract SOW