IT Governance

Get new cohesion and coherence in all of your IT investments.


IT governance—comprising enterprise-wide strategic planning, governance, and IT portfolio management—is the foundation for government organizations making the right IT investments for the best results.

LMI’s world-class, end-to-end, IT governance services help government organizations view and manage their IT investments in a way that returns the most value. Agencies and ministries across government have come to rely on the expert guidance we bring to every phase of the IT life cycle. For example, for Customs and Border Protection, we have helped acquire, deploy, and sustain critical technologies to prevent terrorists and weapons of mass destruction from entering the United States. These technologies are now operational at land, sea, and air ports of entry.

We conduct strategic assessments and business case analyses to ensure planned technology investments will further objectives. We help organizations turn investment data into meaningful capital planning and improvement information that allows them to allocate resources efficiently and direct their efforts to standardize and consolidate enterprise systems. And we help put in place performance management processes and measures that ensure that results are delivered on time and on budget and comply with financial performance and regulatory mandates.

LMI’s IT governance capabilities include the following:

  • Development of governance procedures
  • Development and assessment of OMB Exhibit 300s
  • Training
  • Portfolio management tools
  • Earned value management
  • IT review board procedures.

Information Management Highlights

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