Continuous Process

You become the best by believing you can always do better.


LMI understands that addressing key government challenges—in particular, improving service delivery in the face of limited resources—requires taking an ongoing, end-to-end process improvement approach.

Our continuous process improvement (CPI) and business process reengineering experts are certified in their fields, and they understand how to apply commercially proven CPI approaches in government organizations. For example, working for the Department of the Interior, Offshore Minerals Management (OMM), we facilitated the development of a new service delivery model that addressed key business operations and more efficiently supported the diverse needs of OMM’s clients.

Using leading quality management practices and advanced statistical techniques, we begin by systematically identifying the root causes of rework and delays. Then, we help governments eliminate wasteful steps and redundant efforts and find ways to reduce performance variability.

The result is streamlined processes that reduce waste, improve speed and cost efficiency, and return greater value for government organizations, their stakeholders, and the public as a whole.

LMI’s continuous process improvement capabilities include the following:

  • Value stream analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Service delivery analysis
  • Lean Six Sigma/Black Belt training
  • Customer relationship management
  • Human resources transformation.

Organizational Improvement Highlights

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