Training with Industry Program

Apply your skills in a whole new context.


Since 1993, LMI has been a Department of Defense Training with Industry partner. This program gives military personnel and civilians in federal, state, and local governments the opportunity to gain valuable, practical experience working in a commercial industry. Once accepted into the program, candidates are designated Resident Research Fellows and are considered full-time members of our project teams for up to 12 months. By participating in this program, Resident Research Fellows

  • increase their knowledge of logistics and acquisition,
  • sharpen their analytical skills,
  • experience federal government processes from a management-consulting organization’s perspective,
  • and gain a working knowledge of the private sector.

As members of our project teams, Resident Research Fellows take part in the complete study process, from developing proposals to briefing clients on results and preparing final reports. We also provide them many of the same professional development opportunities offered to full-time employees. These include skills development workshops, computer training courses, professional seminars and conferences, and visiting speaker events. In addition, we offer special training classes and programs to meet their individual needs.

The program is open to all U.S. military personnel and civilian members of federal, state, and local governments. Government agencies may nominate promising military officers and civilian employees to participate in the program. LMI may enter into such an agreement with any government agency wishing to participate; the terms range from 6 months to 5 years. The parent agency usually continues to reimburse the participant for salaries and benefits, and LMI funds administrative costs and selected non-task-related travel and per diem expenses. Task-related travel and per diem costs are normally charged to specific tasks. Final participants in the program are selected from nominations made to the President of LMI.