Virtual Collaboration

Expanding the impact of collaboration and transforming the workplace.

What does virtual collaboration mean to you?

At LMI, virtual collaboration is a way for organizations to create more productive outcomes. Impactful virtual collaboration allows organizations to mitigate some of the biggest challenges facing the federal government. But improving virtual results requires a holistic understanding of the organization’s culture and a strategic approach to setting goals and addressing gaps.

Through our innovative framework and best practices, LMI helps you prepare for the virtual collaboration demands at hand and the workplace of the future.

The Benefits of Virtual Collaboration

LMI’s Approach 

LMI’s virtual collaboration capabilities—assessment, strategy, implementation, and practice—enable you to leverage collaborative best practices and virtual technology to increase productivity and engagement, stimulate knowledge creation, and prepare for future workforce and workplace possibilities.


Our VCCM assessment determines the current and desired virtual collaboration maturity level of an organization, ranging from Aware to Leading. 


Our Experience 

LMI has practiced and enhanced the virtual collaboration approach of federal organizations with innovative ways of addressing meeting, efficiency, and workplace issues.
Success Stories

  • Virtual Collaboration Assessment
    • Developed and implemented roadmap for reaching desired virtual collaboration state.
    • Benchmarked organization against virtual leaders in the federal and private sectors.
    • Identified virtual goals and areas for increased efficiency via virtual collaboration.
  • Workforce Implementation
    • Supported planning of one organization’s virtual month experiment in anticipation of the workplace of the future.
    • Trained supervisors on best practices for managing a virtual workforce.
    • Prepared employees to collaborate, communicate, and connect effectively while working remotely or hoteling.
  • Virtual Executive Summit
    • Connected 500 dispersed senior executives with agency leadership in a highly engaging virtual environment.
    • Advanced community learning.
    • Saved travel time and expenses.
    • Demonstrated virtual capabilities to wide audience.

Organizational Improvement Highlights

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