LMI Research Institute

The LMI Research Institute is an engine of innovation for our clients.

The most promising market breakthroughs have their genesis in great ideas. Since 2004, we have dedicated millions of dollars to our LMI Research Institute, funding research and development (R&D) for the sole purpose of advancing government management.

The LMI Research Institute supports innovation within LMI through a number of outlets, including

  • internal research and development (R&D) projects,
  • the publication assistance program, supporting our reports and articles,
  • our Distinguished Speakers program, and
  • our Academic Partnerships program.

In FY16, we are moving our research in a strategic direction and focusing on two key areas—emerging technology and workforce transformation.

A core strength of LMI is anticipating the needs of our clients. Being well versed in new technologies and thinking through their potential implications in the government space is the focus of our emerging technology theme.

With new technologies to facilitate work, more remote and disparate employee populations, and constrained resources, government agencies are undergoing a revolution with regard to their workforce. Our workforce transformation theme focuses projects on everything from facilitating virtual collaboration to building better processes for knowledge transfer to creating models and tools to support the same mission by being more efficient and using fewer resources.

Our R&D program is borne from our collective brainpower here at LMI. A few key projects the LMI Research Institute is currently supporting are

  • Additive manufacturing
    • Additive manufacturing (AM, or 3D printing) has been in existence for 30 years, but potential applications of the technology have greatly increased in the last five years, with new material and printing methodologies. Read more about our work with AM here.
  • Virtual collaboration
    • As employees take advantage a new methods of communication, and employers attempt to cut costs and downsize physical workspaces, virtual collaboration is ubiquitous across the government. We are developing a model to help organizations be productive in this new environment—read more about our model in our annual report and here.
  • H.O.P.E.
    • We are creating a pallet of goods to deliver critical items to populations that exist at the last mile of the global health supply chain. Read more about this effort here.
  • Disaster recovery
    • A multi-year investment in developing disaster recovery tools is helping organizations like FEMA better facilitate their support in impacted communities. Click here for more information on this effort.
The above list is a sample of our current work—more information on these projects can be found on our Research and Development page or by contacting the LMI Research Institute Program Manager.